Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization enables websites to get to the top of the search engines

Google’s definition for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as follows:

SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. [italics added for emphasis]

In practice, search engine optimization has 2 components:

  • Research keyword phrases that should be targeted on your website, and
  • Optimize your website with these keyword phrases.

It’s a simple concept and I can reword it to say:

Develop your website to be interesting, engaging and useful to your target market and your search engine rankings will follow suit. This means that your website and content needs to appeal to your target market and not just the search engines.

At all times, focus your website content on your target audienceAt all times, your topmost questions should be focussed on your potential customers:

  • What is my target marketing looking for and what can I do to satisfy their needs?
  • Will my target audience like this? (at first glance/first impressions…)
  • Will they feel like they are getting value?
  • Will they feel that spending time on my website is worth it? Am I encouraging people to stay on my website longer?

Differentiating variables between industries, geographic locations, from business to business, etc., discourages a one-size-fits-all approach to search engine optimization. Therefore, we recommend performing an initial assessment before initiating work. It is important to perform adequate research to determine the specific conditions for your online business.

Here, at Fun4business, we apply a well-tested formula for optimizing your website for the search engines. This formula is working for several of our clients already! We love doing the heavy lifting in this area for you. Since every client and project is slightly different, we will customize a quote just for you.

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Helpful Search Engine Optimization WordPress Plugins

If your website is built in WordPress, our preferred SEO plugin is Yoast SEO, which has a free basic version, as well as a premium version. The beauty of this tool is that it knows the best search engine formulas for optimizing your website to increase your website’s search engine rankings. It automatically analyzes and calculates a variety of SEO stats for each web page, highlights places for improvement, and gives helpful hints and tricks as to how to improve each element.

Additionally, it auto-generates a thing called a “sitemap” that the search engines process and use to figure out which pages should be indexed. This takes away the guessing as to which pages Google may index, and instead you can PLAN OUT which pages you want indexed and request that specific pages are hidden from public searches.

Yoast SEO is a must-have when first launching your WordPress website, as well as for making changes and growing your website. If you plan to manage your own blog, then this tool will guide you as to the best formula for optimizing your articles to increase traffic and readership.

Please inquire within to get this set up on your website! As much as we love doing all the work on your website, we like to empower our customers wherever we can too!

Google’s Free Website Tools

As standard with all of our websites, we hook your website up with two key programs that help to ensure your website is running correctly and performing:

Google Analytics

A free and powerful program provided by the world’s largest search engine.

Even if your website has another website statistics program running, we advise adding Google Analytics tracking code to your website. Some of the benefits include being able to set goals for your website, as well as retarget/remarket for repeat visitors and traffic.

At Fun4business, we help you as the business owner establish a new Google Analytics account in your name, and then add us to the account. This empowers you to be able to have instantaneous access to your website statistics to see for yourself how it is doing.

Google Search Console

Also powered by Google, this connection allows webmasters to check up on a website’s indexing status, be alerted to any page errors in order to fix them, and optimize a website’s visibility. This tool is also great for when you make changes to your website, are planning a website redesign, or are moving your domain name. At all times, it is prudent to inform Google and other search engines of the changes to maintain search engine rankings.

Be Wary!

Be wary of companies that want to add your website to multiple directories to increase traffic to your website. Every directory your website is added to should be evaluated as to quality, authenticity and legitimacy. It is true that having external links pointed to your website from reputable websites increase your website’s PageRank, and in turns helps to increase your search engine rankings. Conversely, external links to your website on sketchy websites or “link farms” detract from your website’s ranking. So be careful!

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