Hourly Rates

2017 Price List

Updated yearly on Jan 1st and distributed to all clients.

Website Design & Maintenance $75/hr

Includes all website design, website maintenance, and WordPress website customization, integrations and updating.

Graphic Design $85/hr

Includes online and print design, such as logos, business cards, pamphlets, stationary, graphical banners, social media graphical posts, photo editing, etc.

Content Development & Writing $75/hr

Includes taking your draft ideas or text and artfully transforming them into finished pieces of work, such as: web page content, blog posts and social media updates. Content development is usually the part of the web design project that takes the longest and can delay project launch indefinitely. Work with Fun4business to be proactive about this critical element.

Advanced Programming & Database Development $125/hr

Advanced coding, advanced WordPress or plugin customization, and database administration.

Project Management / Creative Project Consulting $95/hr

Project management and/or creative project consulting services; for example, managing a creative project on your behalf, big picture strategy development and planning, or miscellaneous management of projects/tasks.

Social Media Updates, Campaigns, etc. $75-85/hr

Social media updating and maintenance. Price variation depending on graphic design requirements.

SEO, SEM & More! $75/hr

Search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research, search engine submission (SEM) of URL(s), integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics on website, and much more.

Website Maintenance Packages

Are you committed to keeping your website regularly updated and anticipate requiring multiple maintenance hours within the next year? If so, please browse our bulk maintenance packages:

  • Pre-purchase 5 hours of website maintenance and get $5 off per hour
    5 hours @ $70/hr = $350, which is a savings of $25!
  • Pre-purchase 10 hours of website maintenance and get $10 off per hour
    10 hours @ $65/hr = $650, which is a savings of $100!
  • Custom packages available, inquire within!

– must be paid for in full in advance – hours expire one year after purchase – non-refundable